Music Ministry

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Music Ministry

Bethany United Methodist Church has a growing and diverse music ministry with opportunities for people of all ages and musical interests and abilities. If you enjoy music, there is a place for YOU!

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Music enables us to magnify God and His Word individually and collectively. Worship is the medium through which His music is expressed. The choir, praise team, or music leader's primary purpose is to lead the congregation in lifting their voices together in praise and worship of the Lord. Through anthems and special music God's Word is presented as a "sermon in song."

God speaks to us through music, sometimes in a "still small voice," and at other times "with the sound of a trumpet." A cross-section of styles is presented, including classical, gospel, contemporary Christian, hymn anthems, and folk. Music chronicles the history of the church and introduces children and adults alike to the essential elements of Christian belief.

Bethany offers a variety of worship styles as well as the musical styles and groups to support them. Each of the music groups has its own unique personality, and also provides small group support and fellowship for its members.

Whatever your musical orientation or age, there is a place for you in the Music Ministry of Bethany United Methodist Church. The only criteria is that you love music and will covenant to be faithful in your attendance.

For more information, contact Curt Olson, Director of Music