Inclement Weather Notices

Inclement Weather & Campus Notices

The Campus is OPEN

When in doubt, please do not venture out!

During our Central Texas winter storm season, it is likely our hours and event schedules may change or be delayed with little notice. When there is a possibility of icing or other inclement weather, please check the following places for campus updates or to see if your group is meeting:

  • Specific Group Leadership - If you are uncertain about conditions and the campus is still open, please check with your specific group leadership to determine if they are meeting
  • Bethany Website (campus status stated above)
  • Bethany Phone Message System (call 512-258-6017)
  • Bethany Announce Email List (if you are subscribed)
  • Bethany Facebook Page (if you follow us on Facebook)
  • Bethany Twitter (if you follow us onTwitter)

Our management team will assess the situations and see what the prudent and safe this is to do.  If there is not a message on the phone system, website or announce; we are then operating under normal hours and conditions. We want to do our best to keep everyone off the roads when it is dangerous!

When in doubt, please do not venture out!