Volunteer Safety training


On June 9, 2018, a new Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult safety policy and accompanying procedures went into effect for ALL Rio Texas Churches (including Bethany UMC). Every adult who works with children, youth, and/or vulnerable adults (Staff, Volunteer, Clergy, or Lay) must be certified through the new TRUSTed con Confianza certification process. We strongly urge you to complete the new certification in a timely manner.

Here are the steps for Certification:
     1. Go to www.safegatherings.com and create an account:
               a. Apply for all the specific areas you will be working.
               b. Provide one Clergy and one Lay reference.
                          i.  You will need their email and phone number
                         ii.  It is best if you also contact them and let them know to look for a brief reference                                   form (takes 2-3 minutes to complete) in their email.
                        iii.  If you don't have a Clergy reference, please provide three references.
               c. Submit your application for reference and background check.
                          i.  BUMC is covering the cost of all background checks
                         ii.  All of your personal information is secure and confidential. BUMC Administrators                                 are only able to view your progress in the process, not your personal information.

     2. Complete the 1st training course online through Safe Gatherings. This course (“Safe Gatherings
         for the United Methodist Church and Ministry – Rio Texas”) can be completed on your own
         time/schedule. It is a pre-requisite for the 2nd training certification course (“TRUSTed con       
         Confianza” - see below).

     3. Carefully read the new Rio Texas Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy:

     4. Attend the 2nd training course (“TRUSTed con Confianza” certification training).
               a.  Go to: www.riotexas.org/safetrainings 
               a.  Register to participate in a live webinar certification training online or an in-person
                    certification training at another location. 

Additional resources: