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How YOU can be a part of bringing the
Word to inmates for Kairos!

Bethany Contact:
Paul Draper
201-394-8810 (cell)

Ministry Description:
KAIROS-Ferguson is part of Kairos Prison Ministry, International. Additional information is available at www.kairosprisonministry.org and www.kairosoftexas.org. Kairos sponsors a 4-day weekend experience with a short course in Christianity to incarcerated individuals, as well as a separate experience for the families of inmates. Ongoing, continuing ministry in the prison is an essential element. At Ferguson, we typically sponsor Weekends near New Year’s Eve and Independence Day. Volunteers usually come from a collection of churches and Weekend teams are ecumenical.

Types of Volunteers Needed:
There are three types of involvement. One is with the Inside Team who engages with inmates actively during the structured activities of the Weekend and during follow-up visits. TDCJ Volunteer status is required. The second is with the Support Team that works at a church nearby the unit during the weekend, offering logistical and meal preparation support. Both the Inside Team and Support Team also meet several Saturdays for Team Formation meetings in advance of the Weekend. The third type of involvement is support through various expressions of agape love that are allowed in the unit, including prayer vigil chains, letters to inmates, hand-drawn placemats and posters, and especially home-baked cookies (about 3000 dozens!). These are funneled through the Kairos Team members involved in that weekend.

How to Volunteer:
The best way to volunteer for Inside or Support Teams is to request both a Kairos Team application and a TDCJ Volunteer application from the Kairos contact listed above. The best way to support with cookies, letters, prayer vigils, and so on is to get with your Sunday School or other Bethany missions coordinator.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: For instructions for cookies or other agape, please use the directions linked above on the Bethany website, and do NOT use the instructions on the national site.

Current Projects/Dates:

Dec 28 - Dec 31, 2017:  KAIROS 64-Ferguson Unit, (Randy Nettles, Weekend Leader)
Team meeting dates:  September 30, October 28, November 18, December 9

July 12 - July 15, 2018:  KAIROS 65-Ferguson Unit
Team meeting dates:  April, May, June, July dates TBD


** IMPORTANT NOTE: For instructions for cookies or other agape, please use the directions linked above on the Bethany website, and do NOT use the instructions on the national site.