Easter Butterfly History

A History of Bethany's Easter Butterflies

Easter Crochet ButterfliesButterflies have been a part of Bethany’s Easter tradition ever since a particularly inspiring Easter banner graced the brick walls of the Fellowship Hall, before we had an actual sanctuary. This banner, so skillfully designed and sewn, presented a broken cross with countless, beautiful butterflies flying out of the brokenness. From Death came Life and Rebirth!

Crochet Easter ButterfliesInspired by the banner, the tradition of giving butterflies at Easter began. The first butterflies were made of tissue paper. Unfortunately, these stained clothing if they got wet. To solve that problem, our associate pastor at the time, Pastor Victoria Bailey, suggested crocheted butterflies like those often given to participants on Emmaus Walks and Chrysalis Flights. Betty Scott took up the challenge and crocheted more butterflies than can possibly be counted during her many years of service! She recruited others to help crochet to ensure very person who attended on Easter Sunday would receive a hand-crocheted butterfly. As the idea evolved, it was decided that the crocheted butterflies should be pinned to a card and handed out at Easter worship services.Today, a variety of butterfly styles are created, so each card contains a unique, hand-made butterfly along with Scripture and a lovely poem written by Pauline Lacy.

Each year, teams of volunteers to create Crochet Easter Butterflies3000 butterflies throughout the year. The butterflies are given as a free gift to all who attend Easter worship at Bethany, an expression of God’s love, freely given to us through Jesus Christ.

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