Healing Touch

Healing TouchBethany UMC Healing Touch Ministry

When a member of your family dies, Bethany loses a member of its family and our hearts ache for you.  We want to offer God’s love and care throughout the first year after the loss of your loved one.  Please let us know how we can be in prayer and care for you during this sad time.

Your Healing Touch team is there for you in many ways:

  • Delivery of a care basket and prayer shawl (if a parent, sibling, spouse or child has died)
  • Mailings of grief care books or cards to support and encourage you at the time of death, three and six months later, and around the first anniversary of the loss
  • Community prayers for your family (with consent)
  • Pastoral phone calls
  • Grief support group (Grief Care)

If you would like more information about this or any Care Ministry
Contact:  Pastor Wynn Stenftenagel, 512-258-6017 x275